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We're gearing up for another round of archiving soon -- finally! -- so a lot of new stories will be moving from our message board into the archives.

Fans of Thora Arwin's work may notice that her stories are no longer in our archive. Thora is in the process of a comprehensive rewrite of all of her works and has asked us to pull them from the archive in the interim. We apologize for any inconvenience, and hope to see them back soon.

Got a story you'd like to see in the archive? Join our message board and post it! At this point, with our current backlog, that's the only route for stories to get in. We hope to expand from there in the near future.
The AoVD Crew on July 07, 2009 7:43 AM

Interesting Info
This archive contains 31 series and 492 stories by 112 authors.
Fun statistics: The archive contains 2109 chapters, 4445172 words, and 31731 reviews.

Featured Stories
Darkness (Screencap) by Ally Ranger (G)
One moment in time, a shadow and a flame that burns too brightly.

Lost Boy by Ardath Rekha (PG)
Jack needs to give Riddick a special present for his Big 3-0.

Spring Fever by KelClancy (PG-13)
So many women... so little opportunity. Sometimes it sucks to be Richard B. Riddick.

Cupid's Wings by CCL (R)
We've all speculated on why Brian let Dom go at the end. Here's my take on it.
This story was written as part of the AoVD Lyric Wheel Project. The theme for the wheel was "Valentine's Day." Lyrics were provided by L.

Interim by Susy Strom (NC-17)
When Riddick meets up with a desperate runaway heiress in an alley, the encounter leads to romance and a promise he intends to keep. This story is continued by Renascence.

Writer's Resources
Articles on Writing
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America

Useful article on writing, common error, preparing manuscripts, getting published and much more.

Check Your Story!
by Ardath Rekha
A checklist of things to do before you post your masterpiece on the internet.

Dr. Merlin's Guide to Fan Fiction
by Dr. Merlin (alias Melissa Wilson)

Elements of Style
by William Strunk, Jr
A must guide to English usage for all writers.

The home of Bad Fic! No Biscuit! Has a useful section on grammar.

With stories, advice, and resources.

How to write almost readable fan fiction
Quote: "Welcome to Ms. Nitpicker's page. Don't be frightened, but check back often to see whether you've been immortalized for your mistakes." Need I say more :->

Minotaur's Sex Tips for Slash Writers
An excellent resource for those who want to write m/m slash.

Writers and Beta Readers:
Co-Creators in Fan Fiction

by Bea. T Kay
All you need to know about finding and using a beta reader.

Writers University
The most comprehensive guide to fanfiction on the net.
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