Welcome to the Art of Vin Diesel!

Updates continuing

Well, we’ve been a bit slower about all of this than we meant to be — when your main tech person is getting her Master’s degree that ends up happening a lot — but we’ve now finished applying the downsizing we mentioned several months ago.  The image galleries have now been pared down to just those centered around fan art.  Given the legal fun and games we’ve been witnessing in recent days (the anti-SOPA blackouts and then the destruction of MegaUpload, most prominently) we’re actually more than a little relieved to have that bit of potential legal liability gone, anyway.  There will be some additional downsizing and restructuring occurring in the months ahead, slowly but surely, and then we’re hoping to have the site in a position to begin expanding again, although strictly within the domains of fan fiction and fan art.  Check back here for more news soon (and we’ll try not to make that “Strays soon”).

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