Welcome to the Art of Vin Diesel!


After a great deal of thought, the staff at AoVD has decided to downsize the site and eliminate some sections that are bandwidth hogs and/or require more maintenance than we want to deal with.  We’ve decided to focus the site more specifically on, as our logo says, “the works he inspires” — fan fiction, fan art, and so on — and less on other areas that are being handled just fine by plenty of other sites.  We’re planning on a large archiving push toward the end of this year, to move more of our members’ fan fiction from the message boards into the fiction archive, but first we’re upgrading software and cutting out those high-maintenance and high-bandwidth areas we mentioned.

The first things to go will be many of our image galleries.  There are plenty of other sites, such as vindieselgallery.net, UVDFC, and several other great fan sites besides, that have this stuff covered.  It’s been a few years since any of our staff has had the time or interest for hunting down pictures or capping films, so we feel pretty safe in saying that all of the items in our film galleries can be found elsewhere and more comprehensively by now.  We will be retaining our fan art, avatar, and VinWarps galleries, and are still interested in maintaining and expanding them.  When the downsizing is complete, we intend to focus almost exclusively on the creative endeavors of Vin’s fans.

The film galleries will remain online for the rest of the summer, but we will begin taking them offline early this fall.  If you have questions or concerns about these deletions, feel free to contact us at our info address or via the message board.

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