Welcome to the Art of Vin Diesel!

Really early (or really REALLY late) spring cleaning

Our tech person, who’s been off at film school all semester, is back with us and we’re taking advantage of that fact to do some site maintenance and even some redesign, so things may periodically go up and down, and even change a little, in the next few weeks while we’ve got her.

The first big change we’ve decided to make is the deletion of our chat room.  While we’re sad to see it go — a lot of us feel a great deal of nostalgia because that was where we first met — we haven’t had anyone to staff it for a while, so it’s better off simply being closed.  We may periodically resurrect it for special events, but for now, count on all of the social activity happening on the message board.

We’re also looking at paring down some other areas of the site that haven’t been getting much attention in a while, so look for further information about that on the message board as it happens.  And we hope to begin moving a lot of the stories on the message board into the archive starting in the late winter / early spring, so keep an eye out for that, too.

So if you catch us at a moment when the dust is flying, we apologize in advance.  When we’re done, AoVD should be more streamlined and easier to navigate than ever.

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