Welcome to the Art of Vin Diesel!

January 22nd, 2012: Updates continuing

Well, we’ve been a bit slower about all of this than we meant to be — when your main tech person is getting her Master’s degree that ends up happening a lot — but we’ve now finished applying the downsizing we mentioned several months ago.  The image galleries have now been pared down to just those centered around fan art.  Given the legal fun and games we’ve been witnessing in recent days (the anti-SOPA blackouts and then the destruction of MegaUpload, most prominently) we’re actually more than a little relieved to have that bit of potential legal liability gone, anyway.  There will be some additional downsizing and restructuring occurring in the months ahead, slowly but surely, and then we’re hoping to have the site in a position to begin expanding again, although strictly within the domains of fan fiction and fan art.  Check back here for more news soon (and we’ll try not to make that “Strays soon”).


August 4th, 2011: Downsizing

After a great deal of thought, the staff at AoVD has decided to downsize the site and eliminate some sections that are bandwidth hogs and/or require more maintenance than we want to deal with.  We’ve decided to focus the site more specifically on, as our logo says, “the works he inspires” — fan fiction, fan art, and so on — and less on other areas that are being handled just fine by plenty of other sites.  We’re planning on a large archiving push toward the end of this year, to move more of our members’ fan fiction from the message boards into the fiction archive, but first we’re upgrading software and cutting out those high-maintenance and high-bandwidth areas we mentioned.

The first things to go will be many of our image galleries.  There are plenty of other sites, such as vindieselgallery.net, UVDFC, and several other great fan sites besides, that have this stuff covered.  It’s been a few years since any of our staff has had the time or interest for hunting down pictures or capping films, so we feel pretty safe in saying that all of the items in our film galleries can be found elsewhere and more comprehensively by now.  We will be retaining our fan art, avatar, and VinWarps galleries, and are still interested in maintaining and expanding them.  When the downsizing is complete, we intend to focus almost exclusively on the creative endeavors of Vin’s fans.

The film galleries will remain online for the rest of the summer, but we will begin taking them offline early this fall.  If you have questions or concerns about these deletions, feel free to contact us at our info address or via the message board.


April 7th, 2010: Server move

Our webhosts are moving us to a spiffy new server sometime in the next 24 hours, so we’ve temporarily suspended our message board (so that the whole mess that happened a few years ago doesn’t repeat itself) for the duration of the move.  It should be back very soon, though.  If you notice anything malfunctioning on the site in the aftermath (we’re going from a 32-bit server to a 64-bit server, which apparently can make some programs a bit wacky) please let us know.  See you on the other side!


April 11th, 2009: What A Comeback!

Vin has now come full circle, with his newest hit movie, “Fast & Furious,” bearing almost the same title as the movie that originally made him famous. With box office about to break $100 million domestically after only 8 days in theaters, Vin’s star is once again on the rise. We hope that renewed interest in our man will translate into renewed interest in our site. It would be nice to see more Vin-related fan fiction again. Come on, writers, start your engines!


December 17th, 2008: Really early (or really REALLY late) spring cleaning

Our tech person, who’s been off at film school all semester, is back with us and we’re taking advantage of that fact to do some site maintenance and even some redesign, so things may periodically go up and down, and even change a little, in the next few weeks while we’ve got her.

The first big change we’ve decided to make is the deletion of our chat room.  While we’re sad to see it go — a lot of us feel a great deal of nostalgia because that was where we first met — we haven’t had anyone to staff it for a while, so it’s better off simply being closed.  We may periodically resurrect it for special events, but for now, count on all of the social activity happening on the message board.

We’re also looking at paring down some other areas of the site that haven’t been getting much attention in a while, so look for further information about that on the message board as it happens.  And we hope to begin moving a lot of the stories on the message board into the archive starting in the late winter / early spring, so keep an eye out for that, too.

So if you catch us at a moment when the dust is flying, we apologize in advance.  When we’re done, AoVD should be more streamlined and easier to navigate than ever.


March 10th, 2008: Some Exciting Vin News!

According to imdb, the fourth Fast and the Furious movie–as yet untitled–has actually begun filming. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Jordana Brewster and Michelle Rodriguez have all signed on. Current release date is June 5, 2009.


January 18th, 2008: Technical Difficulties

The AoVD message board has run into a glitch and is down right now. We’re working on it and will bring it back up as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience!


November 18th, 2007: “Soon” Has Finally Arrived!

At long last, Vin’s first feature length movie, STRAYS, will be available on DVD beginning January 15, 2008!!! A widescreen version is available for pre-order from Amazon now. Just click on the picture to your right to order it. Don’t miss the chance to add one of Vin’s earliest works to your collection!


October 8th, 2007: Vin Rumored for Terminator 4!

According to Guardian Unlimited and Aintitcoolnews Vin Diesel could be gearing up to replace Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new Terminator!


March 1st, 2007: Diesel Powered Gaming News

Check out the trailer to Vin Diesel: The Wheelman coming soon to a home system near you!